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The Upward Experience

Co-building the mission with you

Our methodology

Because each assignment is unique, we provide you with constant visibility on our work to reduce the risk of error and recruit the right person quickly.

/ 01 The preparatory phase

During an initial meeting, we work together to draw up a set of specifications that takes into account both the specificities of the client company (identity, culture, organisation, context, etc.) and the candidate's characteristics (know-how and interpersonal skills). We also evaluate the level of confidentiality of the position and its suitability to the market in order to define its outlines.

/ 02 The framing

After a week of direct approach, we share our search strategy with you to ensure that the most relevant candidates are considered and approached. We also debrief you on the initial market feedback.

/ 03 A meticulous follow-up

Our exhaustive reports allow you to follow the candidates in process and those who have been contacted. Our frequent discussions help the mission to progress: monitoring candidates, taking references, possibly widening the scope of the hunt, improving our collaboration, etc.

/ 04 The end of the mission

We carry out a complete report at the end of the mission, including feedback on your brand image, salaries, feedback of the candidates during the process, etc.

/ 05 The follow-up phase

We make sure that the candidate is well integrated by monitoring the first few months of his or her employment. In the event of a mismatch, we take over the search for a new candidate at our expense.

Our consulting and data approach

Employer brand and candidate experience

  • Data on your brand reputation
  • Feedback on the candidates' experience of the process

Salary and organisational study

  • Salary Benchmarking
  • Organisational Benchmarking

Specific consulting mission

  • Talent Mapping
  • Recruitment Process Review
  • Brand/Position Storytelling

Intervention of experts

  • Coaches specialised in onboarding
  • Assessment specialists
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